Awaken to your Soul’s unique desires, gifts and genius

Dancing with Play

Enriching your soul and experiencing life from your authentic self is a beautiful and treasure-filled journey. At Hestia, we believe in the mystical marriage of soul work and playful fun. We’ve curated a creative array of meaningful experiences for those in search of awakening their unique gifts. Whether you are craving the journey into the dark depths of what your heart is trying to tell you or itching to dance in the forest and feed your inner-child, Hestia is happily here to support you!

Join one of our 4 seasonal celebrations in 2019 to honor the natural cycles of Mother Earth and tap into your inner flow state!

  • SPRING Festival over Memorial Weekend (May 24-27)
  • SUMMER Celebration of our Liberation (July 4-7)
  • FALL Murder Mystery & Halloween Magic (Oct 31-Nov 3)
  • WINTER New Year’s 2020:  Dancing our Dreams into Reality (Dec 28-Jan 1)


Living and Leading from Soul

We believe that while many traditional institutions are crumbling, we are creating space for imagination of the Soul to be nourished. Because when our individual Souls are nourished, something new can be born, which is is the foundation for broader cultural change. 

The most powerful transformations of culture have all been borne by people who chose to care for their most authentic expression.  Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat not because she was merely physically tired, but because she said “No more”. No more would she act in a way that contradicted her inner truth; no more would she act as less than the person she knew herself to be inwardly.  And choosing to live undivided is a radical act. When individuals claim their true selves, their decisions ripple out into the rest of the culture, and serves the soulfulness of all others.

Additionally, in service of this desire for broader cultural change, we are also committed to intergenerational community.  Youth needs elders who can help them see their unique gifts and channel their dreams in ways that they can become reality. Elders need the energy of youth’s dreams to help re-ignite their imagination.   For a community and culture to be healthy, all segments of that community need to be healthy. And to turn around our culture around, we need all parts to bring their gifts forward. Youth without eldership often brings change that doesn’t last; and elders without youth may get stuck because of inertia.

Come drink deeply from the well of Soul.  Join us at Hestia.


  • Honor and respect the house and land
  • Take care of the space, ourselves and others
  • Engage mindfully as a community
  • Give ourselves permission to go with our own flow

Volunteering on the Land

View More: http://juliemikos.pass.us/hestia-final

Interested in coming to Hestia to help beautify and maintain the land?  Apply for our upcoming winter volunteer trip!

What will the experience be like?

  • During the day, we will work a small group projects to maintain and beautify the inner and outer spaces
  • In the evenings, we will take turns cooking group meals and enjoy music and relaxation by the fire
  • This is a wonderful opportunity for folks who are interested in Hestia to get a firsthand experience of the land and the community

What are the details & logistics?

  • Come prepared to work
  • You will be assigned a meal to prepare for the community with 1-2 other people
  • Bring snacks and drinks to share
  • We will send you a packing list after your application has been approved


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