Bring your vision into physical reality with support from sacred land

Calling 4 nature-loving visionaries who are here to build the new world
while this old one is crumbling…

Are you tired of trying to fix this old, unjust world knowing that your true purpose is to help build a beautiful new world?

A beautiful new world that is thriving, vibrant, equitable, joyful and harmonious with the earth.

Are you clear about what you want to create and contribute towards this new world?

From January to April 2021, 4 people will be given a lifetime opportunity to incubate and give birth to their creative visions on our sacred land.  They will have dedicated time, space, and guided support to rest, rejuvenate, dream, create and tune inward in the deep stillness of winter in Mount Shasta, CA.


Winter is the most potent time of year to go deep into our roots and expand our inner wisdom.  We will actively practice harmonizing with the energetics of this season and harness the power of group intention to accelerate and deepen our creative flow.


The land will hold us as we learn to listen and be guided into clarity.  The incubation process will help us alchemize and integrate our ideas and bring our visions into material fruition by springtime.


We are calling visionaries, healers, artists, community leaders, change makers, builders, inventors and sacred activists who have a desire to create something transformative for humanity in one of the following categories of innovation:

  • Alternative modalities for wellness, healing and personal growth
  • Art (in any form) that inspires greater consciousness and transformation
  • Life-giving, environmentally sustainable living and building practices

Our winter incubator is ideal for folks who….

  • Have a strong desire to live in nature and co-create with the land that they’re living on
  • Want to learn to give back to land as well as openly receive as sacred land stewards
  • Are confident in their area of expertise and also humble and curious about what they have yet to learn 
  • Have a clear idea, project or vision that they’re passionate about incubating from winter to spring
  • Desperately need uninterrupted space to create something tangible in service of humanity at this time
  • Are committed to creating at much greater depth than ever before
  • Are able to live simply and open to the discomforts of winter living (i.e., colder, darker days with occasional snow)
  • Are self-directed and self-motivated to pursue their creative project
  • Have the resilience to fundraise with our support if they need a financial sponsor
  • Desire a balance of alone time and communal space to learn from others
  • Are committed to deep spiritual growth and evolution
  • Have spent some time at Hestia and feel a connection to the land (strongly preferred)


**Our selection process will be driven by our goal to bring together a diverse, intergenerational group with a wide range of expertise and backgrounds for our first cohort.**

Past Creators at Hestia


Incubator Timeline: January 11-April 30, 2021


  • We will begin with an opening fire ceremony to invite the spirits of the land to support our intentions for our incubation time and to receive permission for co-creating with the land.
  • To help you get fully adjusted and integrated at our retreat sanctuary, the first week will be designed to support you in getting to know the land and ways to connect and co-create with the land.  There will also be some structured time to get to know the other Hestia Magic visionaries.
  • You will learn different modalities around sacred land stewardship and choose a particular role for giving back and tending to the land and space.



  • Once you get settled, you’ll have lots of uninterrupted time to create on the land.
  • Each month, we will host two communal dinners to share progress, receive feedback/support and learn from one another.
  • You will be assigned a mentor based on your focus to receive consistent support and accountability.
  • We will feature you and your work on our website and also help you codify your creation during the last month of the incubator.



  • We will close with fire ceremony to celebrate and present what we’ve each created with the outside world through a TEDx style online and in-person event.

Post-Incubator Support


  • You will be offered a featured spot at our retreat center to share your creations (in-person and/or online) in the form of a product/process/program to Hestia Retreat Center guests and community-at-large.

Costs and what’s included:

  • $1,700-$1,900/month for one of our private lodging options (January program fees will be pro-rated at 21 days):  creekside eco-cabin and yurts
  • Program fees will be due at the first of each month to align to a rental schedule (for folks who are subletting their spaces)
  • Shared cooking and bathroom facilities for 3 yurt residents
  • Access to laundry facilities
  • Private access to the energy spots on our 10-acre retreat sanctuary
  • Private office space in Mount Shasta with high speed internet for your online work
  • 2 communal dinners each month hosted by Belinda and Peter in the A-frame house
  • Ongoing mentorship and coaching support

Add-ons: Weekly meal plan, transportation, and wellness treatments from Hestia Magic’s network of world-class practitioners

** The fees for the incubator program will directly cover the operating expenses for our retreat sanctuary as well as program administration and mentorship time.  We do not currently have outside investors supporting our sustainably.  We are committed to supporting chosen applicants to fundraise if financial support is needed.  Please indicate this in your application.**

Creekside Eco-cabin with private cooking and bathroom facility ($1,900/month)


3 Yurts with a shared cooking and bathroom facility ($1,700-$1,800/month)


For 3 Yurt Residents: Shared cooking and bathroom facility in our Vintage Camper


Health and safety precautions during COVID:

  • As experienced airbnb super hosts, we are committed to the health and safety of our guests.  We have signed a pledge to follow the latest CDC guidelines for sanitizing and disinfecting our spaces before guest arrival.
  • A COVID-19 test is required 5 days before your arrival along with an expectation that you will be self-quarantined leading up to your arrival.  
  • Once you have shared a confirmed negative test result, you are welcome to join the group.
  • All residents will have a private lodging and work space onsite. Yurt residents will share a kitchen/bathroom facility and are responsible for keeping it clean and sanitized.
  • We will regularly clean and sanitize our shared office in Mount Shasta.  It will only be used by our incubator social pod.
  • We will have a strict quarantine and testing protocol for incubator residents who need to leave the property during our time together.
  • When you arrive, we will also discuss social distancing norms and practices to establish a safe communal space.

Need some time and space to create but not able to stay for 4 months? Or want to come earlier than the incubator start time? Contact us about residencies in November and December 2020.




Eyoälha Baker, Light Realm Photos

It’s taken a long time for me to realize my personal worth and value around getting paid money for my art / work and even in my personal relationships with people. In the process, I’ve created a lot of art and had some interesting and crazy experiences along the way – all in basic survival mode, often without any means at all and relying heavily of the kindness of others. I am forever grateful to the people who have provided places for me to sleep, donated to projects, helped me heal, learn and expand my art, heart and self. And especially to the people who saw my value and worth when I didn’t, and to the people who paid me for my art and work when my habit has been primarily to give it away for free.

This summer as an artist in residence in the powerful vortex nature of Mount Shasta, has been a deep lesson in self worth and personal value. I’d like to give thanks to Belinda Liu and the incredible community of powerful healers that came through Hestia Mount Shasta Retreat Center this summer who helped me break (hopefully all) the survival mode and self sabotage patterns I’ve let run my life for the past half century.




“When you arrive, you cross a bridge that reminds you–you are at the right place.

The place that allows you to authentically connect with…the little things, reflections, fires, and nature. A reminder of love, compound words and creative journeys. Inspiration wrapped in the stars that metaphors or transitions to a tree with pretty ribbons named Zora. Whose eyes were watching…the flow of inspiration.

It was Hestia with a view of Mount Shasta nestled in a pampered retreat between springs and Weed that offered the standard of…Retreat

The place of, be, grow, to….Live

My testimonial of Hestia will always begin with…

where it started”


“Hestia is a haven for cozy comfort and clear connection with nature right outside your door and window, creeks, pines, mountains and crisp air amidst the healing that happens both within and without. I have never eaten or slept so well and truly felt at home in your forest. Much needed. Cannot wait to go back. Thank you so much. With gratitude.”

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