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View More: http://juliemikos.pass.us/hestia-final

Hestia is a retreat sanctuary near the sacred Mount Shasta in Northern California, one of the most potent healing vortexes on earth. We offer a beautifully intimate space for groups of up to 30 people to gather, rejuvenate and transform.  We are just a 15-minute walk away from the healing mineral baths of Stewart Mineral Springs Resort.

Book the entire 10-acre property for an intimate retreat, family reunion or celebration. We can even take care of all the food and event planning, so you and your group can enjoy the serenity and beauty of the natural surroundings! We are just a 4-5 hour drive from Portland, Oregon and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Upcoming Events at Hestia



Our work has the potential to be a channel for the impact our Souls most deeply desire to have on the world. But more often than not, it can be a source of suffering if we’re not clear about what we’re here to do.  Align with your soul’s deepest desires at work with an intimate and supportive community on sacred land.  Over this 3-day weekend, we will do deep group and one-on-one work to help you gain clarity about what’s truly important to you at the soul level at work, so you can focus your time and attention wisely to be able to amplify your talents.

Host: Hestia’s Master Coaches



For those who wish to train in Reiki 靈氣 Level 1 (Shoden) and 2 (Okuden) in the mountain areas and power spots of Mount Shasta (referred as Buliyum Puyuuk by the Winnemem Wintu Tribe), we invite you to jump in this reiki river with us. You’ll get to slow down and cultivate your vessel (mind, body & spirit) while dropping deeply into nature. If this calls you, please join us for a 4.5 day Reiki training retreat led by STARNATION REIKI founder and shihan (teacher), Marie Kyoko Morohoshi 諸星京子.  Cost includes all meals, training materials, a mineral bath at Stewart Mineral Springs Resort, and visits to the sacred waters around Mount Shasta.

Host: Starnation Reiki



This 4-night New Year’s celebration comes with curated experiences that are playful, reflective and enriching. Come home to yourself and nourish your body, heart and soul on sacred land with a supportive community.

We will facilitate reflection exercises to gain greater insight and to clarify our dreams and intentions. We will guide you through powerful visualization and manifestation practices to aid you in the new year ahead.

Which animal will be your inspiration and guide for 2020? Embody the wisdom of the animal kingdom by dressing up as your chosen animal guide and dance your dreams into reality!

Host: Hestia Team

Hestia is the Greek Goddess of the sacred fire, of the hearth and home.  She represents the center of our inner and outer worlds.

As the flames glowing from the hearth soothe us with their warmth and glowing light, the goddess Hestia gives us security, peace, and comfort in our home and community space.  She helps us access our inner wisdom and accept the truth of our lives with grace.

The Land
of Hestia

Welcome to Hestia, a healing sanctuary surrounded by a flowing creek, labyrinth, healing meditation garden, and 10-acres of enchanted forest. Hestia is a peaceful gathering place to relax, connect and soak in the serenity of nature.

Hestia’s Healing Magic

Experience rapid transformation when you retreat on sacred land that is intentionally designed to support you, your healing, and the manifestation of your dreams.  Come to Hestia for your next personal getaway, host your own retreat or join one of our community events!



“Our arts and cultural center rented Hestia to host our team retreat and vision planning. It was the perfect place to do so. The home accommodated our group perfectly. Before we arrived Belinda went out of her way to set beds/rooms to accommodate our large group.

The home has many beautiful details that highlight nature and she has a small library of wonderful books. The living room, kitchen and outdoor areas were perfect to gather, converse, and reflect. Parks Creek with its healing waters runs through the property. It was in a great location for hikes, swimming or heading to Stewart Springs. I look forward to returning!”


“Wow! We have such immense gratitude for Belinda and the folks at Hestia. They truly provide an experience for visitors that is grounded in peace and love. The home is surrounded by the natural gems of the Mount Shasta region.

The home itself is reflective of this beauty, and is a PERFECT fit for larger groups. We visited with our family, including our 11 month old son, and everyone was very happy with the stay!

Thank you for such clear communication, Belinda. We now know we have a second home in Weed!”


“This was by far above what I could have imagined! Belinda’s land is magical, we could all feel it. I had a group of ladies joining me for a retreat and this place was the perfect location.”

“The house was extremely cozy and warm, we all felt at home. The furnishings were adjustable in the living room for all our different activities. When I crossed over the bridge of the Mt. Shasta river to get to the property, it felt as though the old world fell behind and I entered into pure magic. The sounds of the river were so soothing, everyone slept well and had fascinating dreams. There were hidden gems all over the forested property to discover.

I stayed in the small cabin while the other ladies stayed in the main house. The cabin was the perfect location for me to get alone time and recharge between our group sessions. Belinda’s creativity and life philosophy is displayed decoratively throughout the house, it made me feel nourished and held and it makes this place really special. We all felt deeply loved and nurtured here. The beds were super cozy too! We didn’t want to leave!”

Your Hosts

Belinda Liu

Hestia Steward & Community Weaver

Belinda is a teacher, space designer and community builder.  She creates beautiful products, spaces and experiences that bring people back home to themselves.  Her super powers are shining a light on people’s strengths, bringing them out into the world, and creating life-changing group experiences!  She is a level 3 reiki healer of people and spaces.


Peter Cooper

Hestia Steward & Nature Guide

Peter is an educator, adventure-seeker, and storyteller. He has spent most of his professional career supporting education initiatives around the globe, with a focus on increasing the educational opportunities for disadvantaged communities. He enjoys exploring and sharing his love for the outdoors with others. He also takes pride in his ability to entertain and take care of those around him.


Soraya Sangara

Massage Therapist & Healer

Soraya works with people from all walks of life in helping them create the life they are meant to live through connection and integration of the body, mind, spirit, and emotions. She lives her passion as a healer of the world–a passion that invites her to meet incredible people every day and be a conduit of Love and Light for this Peaceful Planet.  She offers soothing, deep tissue and Swedish massage modalities to support physical and emotional release.  She has strong hands and a big, empathetic heart!

Hestia Retreat Center

Steve Seto

Embodiment Teacher & Intuitive Coach

Steve is an intuitive coach committed to his spiritual path since 2001. He draws wisdom from chi gung, martial arts, meditation and emotional work.  Over the years, he has created a map of human experience rooted in an approach of living and lead from Soul. He excels at helping others embody new ways of being, articulating the essence of their soul’s desires and intentions, and thus empowering others to live from their highest potential.


Melissa Lau

Leadership Coach

Melissa is a leadership coach whose spiritual journey started in earnest after her father’s unexpected death catalyzed a deep period of exploration about her soul’s true desires while at the pinnacle of her Harvard MBA’s dream of a successful career in Silicon Valley.  She draws wisdom from yoga, the healing power of sacred spaces, and group systems philosophy. Her superpowers are asking beautiful questions, bringing clarity where there was formerly confusion, and weaving together insights across unexpected disciplines.


Nayad Abrahamian

Healing artist & Educator

Nayad is a healing artist and educator who loves sharing her gifts of bringing rainbow sparkly fun to the world of healing through world music, dance, theatre, comedy, and art. She is a social-justice educator and community-connector supporting the empowerment of children ages 5-105 within schools, senior centers, and homeless shelters. Nayad is absolutely thrilled and honored to be part of the magically and soulfully delicious Hestia family.

Rejuvenate and Reconnect at Hestia

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